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Businesses of all types find health and safety an immense and bewildering subject.  We are able to provide significant help and guidance to businesses, particularly with risk assessments, in addition to our publication ‘The Health & Safety at Work Law Handbook’, and our extensive and easy-to-follow health and safety seminars.

We have assisted many businesses with risk assessments and health and safety issues of concern regarding, for example: maternity, disability and stress.

Our risk assessments forms are, we believe, of exceptional quality and are probably the most detailed available.

As with the employment guidance we provide, our partners have been giving health and safety guidance for decades and we understand the challenges facing those in business when dealing with health and safety matters.

We are convinced that one of our most valuable assets in this area is the ability to translate complex health and safety legislation and regulations into bite-size and easily understandable guidance, often supported by truly outstanding documentation, which allows managers to deal with matters quickly and effectively.

We offer significantly reduced hourly rates for health and safety guidance to subscribers to one or more of our legal publications (see details for The Good Employment Handbook, The Specimen Employment Contract Package and The Health and Safety at Work Law Handbook).

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