Mediation can often be used as a swifter, less formal and cheaper method of resolving disputes, often with far less anxiety.

Within our team, we have barristers who are formally accredited civil and commercial law alternative dispute resolution mediators, who are also Members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. They are professionally trained in mediation, and will guide you through all the requirements to achieve a mutually acceptable solution to what often appear intractable problems.

In an employment situation or a partnership context, the use of an independent mediator can often bring the parties quickly and effectively to such a resolution.

Mediation is flexible and available at short notice, frequently allowing relationships to continue, and providing a wider range of possible solutions than litigation.

Should you wish to make use of this service, particularly where you might have a problem which is creating difficulties for you within the workforce, or where a grievance never seems to be resolved, please contact us either by telephone on 01453 890984 or alternatively, please email us at

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